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Olive That and More

Ooooh, I love it when people have crazy stuff and think of me. It happens from time to time and today was one of those days. My co-worker (who is ever so kind) had an Elvira costume that no longer suited her so she brought it to work for me to try on. Um… OKAY!!!! Guess what? It fits! Not only that but she also passed along some weirdo Olive That tasting bottles. One is harissa olive oil and the other is jalapeno balsamic vinegar. I’m already dreaming of cooking again once this horrid heat wave breaks. I see some harrissa carrots with feta in my future and some kind of salad with jalapeno balsamic vinegar as a main dressing ingredient. Maybe I’ll eat my tasties dressed as Elvira. Hey, why not? My co-worker is kind, helpful and a bit off the wall. I’d say she’s Olive That and More.


Hello, It’s Me, A Flitter

Hi again. I was reminded over the weekend that the most common question asked after initial introductions is, “So, what do you do?” I know what people want to hear when they ask this. They want a one word answer that sums up the bulk of my days like, “I’m a nurse” or “I’m a lawyer”. I’m not a nurse or a lawyer. I’m a lot of many things but nothing that can be abbreviated easily into a tiny word.

I think I’ve settled on, “I’m a flitter”. That doesn’t help most people so I will explain. I flit from job to job as I need to. My last position was as an assistant manager at a local resort. It was a temporary post and I am glad it is over. Before that, I worked for a couple of years as a housekeeper at a different resort. This job helped to pay the bills and build up some savings but it’s also one I don’t miss. Before that, I delivered newspapers. In between jobs, I’ve had time to try many things. I was the secretary on a board for a youth organization for a number of years. This summer I tilled up about half the back yard and planted a vegetable garden and just recently I started being a big sister with the local chapter of Big Brothers/Big Sisters. I’m not a lazy person. I just haven’t found a paying job that is worth staying at forever and ever so that I have a one word description to dole out to people.

Whew! I hate that question and my long winded response to it. Life would be easier if I was like most other people – you know super busy, exhausted all the time, making decent money and having some sort of title. I would fit in better. Instead, my life is full of healthy homemade meals, time for exercise and family and moments to explore new vistas. “Ahhh, you say, you’re a housewife.” No. Not really. I pay half the bills around here. I pay for everything regarding my sons. “How?” you wonder. More explanation. Arg! I was widowed young, inherited money and still collect some pension income. Following that ordeal, I discovered that I am exceptionally talented at budgeting and living very well on very little. It’s a talent I really like about myself. I do what I need to for survival and then I move on. Hello, it’s me, a flitter.

So what do you do? Are you one of those one worders? If not, how do you answer that query? Are you defined by your job or are you like me, wearing many hats?

The Inglorious In Between

The Inglorious In Between.

A Joy Sprout

A Joy Sprout.

The Chameleon Tries To Change Her Colours.


I surprised myself yesterday.  David and I met up with his parents.  (That’s not the surprising part.  David’s parents are very enjoyable to socialize with.)  What surprised me was my response to the “gift” they presented me with.  Before we even got out of the car, my mother-in-law passed on to me a small wooden shield with twelve teaspoons on it.  The display had belonged to David’s grandmother and the spoons had been collected from her various travels.  She asked me if I liked that sort of thing.  Quite honestly, I stated, “No, not really.”

Before this journey to really find myself, I would have played the role of delighted daughter-in-law, happy to receive whatever my in-laws chose to give me.  I was proud of myself that I expressed the truth instead of play acting the way I thought they’d want me to be.  I still took the spoons and the wooden shield thinking that maybe I could do something artsty/crafty with them.

I found two ideas that I would have loved to try if the spoons had been silver.  Take a look at this ring and this bracelet made from old silver spoons:

Aren’t they just fab?  Alas, the spoons I inherited are not silver and have funny little coat of arm things at the top instead of filigreed ends.  I will likely use them as teaspoons to offer guests when I serve them tea in the fancy tea cups I also inherited.  Still, I think I will try to find silver teaspoons at used stores so that I can make jewellery like the pieces shown above.  That would be me, glorious me, alright.

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